December 03, 2021

By using artificial grass from Southwest Greens of Asheville to enhance attendee experience, you can begin to extend open air venue season at your location. Learn ways that artificial turf can help reinvigorate your space and keep it looking fantastic all year.


The choice to install synthetic turf is one of the best ways to quickly improve your space while improving attendee satisfaction. Here are some reasons why you need to consider turf for your resorts and event spaces.


Synthetic turf is your top choice when it comes to versatility. Turf can be customized to fit awkward-shaped areas, utilized in high traffic areas, and utilized indoors and out. You can install artificial turf at amusement parks, carnivals, festivals, fairs, commercial buildings, performance venues, community events, and so many more places.


Artificial turf is your top choice for long-term beauty. With high levels of UV protection to maintain durability, Southwest Greens turf color lasts, even after years of harsh exposure to mother nature.


Artificial turf keeps the focus on your guests by eliminating your need for lawn equipment, watering, and pollution from pesticides and fertilizers. Because synthetic grass doesn’t need watering, mowing, pest removal, or fertilizing, you’ll quickly gain back your investment.


Natural grass needs a lot of maintenance to keep it looking good year-round. Synthetic grass provides a beautiful surface while eliminating the regular work grass needs. So say goodbye to pesticides, watering, fertilizers and also offer a sustainable alternative to organic grass.


Stunning turf provides your guests a welcoming impression. Give even more value by incorporating additional landscaping elements to create alluring visuals. Think steppingstones, lighted pathways, bright floral edgings, and more.


Located in a dry climate? What about a place with frequent snow? With synthetic turf, you can host events all year long. You will never have to deal with the sun-scorched grass or seeding your lawns in the spring after a harsh winter — bad weather preparation is a thing of the past.


The best thing about synthetic grass is its ability to be installed just about anywhere. Some of the most common places turf is used is:

  • All-inclusive resorts
  • Theme parks
  • Event venues
  • Cruise ships
  • Hotels
  • Patio areas
  • High foot traffic areas
  • Airports
  • Pool areas

Green and lush, Southwest Greens synthetic grass is made of a unique polyethylene blend of long-bladed, bent-grass fibers made to last a lifetime. Each blade keeps a real-life luster without fading from the sun, and unlike real grass, ours won’t wild.

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