May 02, 2022


Transforming to artificial grass for your house or business’s lawn will enable you to spend less time and money for years to come. People love to see a refreshing green lawn, but the upkeep of a well-tended lawn year-round is a big challenge.

Maintaining a green lawn can be a real pain due to the extra cost to your water bill and the time you have to put in for maintenance. Taking the decision to install synthetic turf as a replacement for organic grass can enable you to avoid the troubles that a regular lawn might cause. Artificial lawns save you time and money. They’re danger-free for kids and even easy for pet lovers. In case you are in search of a lawn for your house or for your business, switching to artificial turf may be the best solution.


If you wish to know what some of the advantages of synthetic turf are, look no further! I’ve assembled a comprehensive list, so that all your doubts are cleared.


Artificial turf will cut down the use of water because gone will be the days of hydrating the lawn during dry spells. You’ll save many gallons each year and keep your water bill down. This is an awesome option for drought-prone areas.


When you convert to artificial turf, you eliminate the demand for possibly risky chemical and bug treatments. These toxic chemicals aren’t good for you, your kids, pets, or local waterways it may leach into during heavy rains.


Synthetic grass is free of allergy-causing materials, making the purchase of artificial grass a perfect choice for a client who may be prone to allergies caused by weather change. Grass allergies are becoming more prominent, and by placing artificial turf, you decrease the strength of allergens on your property.


We are committed to our turf. Our commitment to research and development lets us provide the highest grade and most state-of-art materials available today. Southwest Greens UV-resistant artificial turf products will look awesome even in surfaces that get walked on a lot, widely varying climatic conditions, and changes in temperature.


Artificial grass needs little to no care. You will not have to worry about watering, fertilizing, and mowing. It will maintain its lush appearance irrespective of the season, which means, you won’t have to worry about the terrible brown spots anymore.


Artificial turf is plush, making it luxurious for pets and kids alike. The conveniently perforated backing ensures perfect drainage, delivering a dry surface for your kids and pets to play on. Since you won’t need dangerous pesticides for grass care, you don’t have to be concerned if your children and pets are playing safely.



Synthetic grass is a fantastic idea for your home, but if you own a business or operate an event space, the benefits of synthetic grass are just the same. Artificial turf is sturdy and immune to damage caused by heavy foot traffic, saving you the time spent in maintenance and cost that usually follow an event. Removing the expenses involved with actual grass will bring down your water expenses, fertilizers, reseeding, and upkeep expenses to name a few.


If you’re all set for the best synthetic grass in the industry, we’re ready to help. Take a look at our residential and commercial products. We’re happy to schedule a free consultation to assist you with the best turf for your needs.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in February 2021 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.