September 08, 2022

Champions aren’t made every day. It takes a lot of persistent practice to swing perfectly. But some components of the game are directly related to the quality of the grass you’re playing on. Have you ever tried to golf on turf that isn’t perfectly mowed? It can make any game more difficult and impact your game. This is one of the biggest grounds why artificial turf is the first pick of many golfers. Keep reading to learn more.




Artificial turf will always be the prefect length, offering you the consistency you have to have for good practice. The texture is made to feel and look like organic grass, without the hassle traditional grass comes has. Under the surface, you’ll see backing systems that provide better bounce, aim, and roll, so you can rely on a predictable play of the ball irrespective of when you have time to practice.



A synthetic green installed by a professional will always appear great, whatever weather or wear and tear it may be open to. Southwest Greens turf is manufactured with the highest quality to offer you the best. It will not fade from UV exposure or heavy pedestrian traffic. Unattractive dead patches won’t ever be a problem, forever!



Artificial grass takes the win for reduced upkeep requirements. Golf greens need to be kept short, and with organic grass, this means more trimming and mowing. Plus, keeping weeds under control becomes a struggle with traditional grass. Since artificial turf is an inorganic material, it will keep bugs away without the consistent application of insecticides.



Quality synthetic turf has better drainage compared to traditional grass. This is due to the layers beneath the turf that permits the liquid to drain out through exit points of the surface quickly and efficiently. Water will not puddle up on the turf as easily, and mud will become a thing of the past. The putting green will be ready for play, whatever the weather has been like.



Water usage is a large drain on our environment. Synthetic turf is a great method to lessen the volume of water you use on your landscaping. Take a look at this blog post to learn more about how synthetic grass is an ideal water-wise answer.



PGA Champions such as Anika Sorenstam, Jack Nicklaus, and Rickie Fowler all play on and endorse the artificial golf greens by Southwest Greens. These pros all know that our artificial golf greens are the best out there. Check out why in this blog post.



Wrapping up, yes, artificial turf is absolutely superior to traditional turf on a golf course! Be sure to check out The Ultimate Guide Golfer’s Guide to Artificial Grass, too. When you are ready for an estimate, our team at Southwest Greens of Asheville is here to help. Schedule your free consultation by contacting us here.